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Micro Genius IQ-2000

One day my dad came and brought home a peculiar gaming console someone gave him. It was in its original boxing in very good condition, though it lacked games. A brief search suggested that it is a clone of NES/Famicom, a "famiclone" as it's called in Europe and "Dendy" as it's called in xUSSR. There was a huge market of different famiclones here in early 90s, and one of the most notable of them was called "Dendy" and since then all clones of NES are still called "Dendy". Moreover, very few people know what Nintendo Entertainment System is. When they say "Nintendo" they think sometimes that it's something different from "Dendy".

Let's get to the system. Here it is:

Micro Genius IQ-2000

As you see, it has got two infrared controllers. Wireless controllers on a famiclone! That's the main thing which makes this piece of equipment unique. Pay attention to the power adaptor. It doesn't fit really ANY normal outlet! The only option for me was using a junction box. What's the point of making it so bulky?
Let's look at it's back. We see that it supports RF Aerial output (standard antenna) and AV (composite cable, mono sound).

Micro Genius IQ-2000

As for its bottom, there's nothing much to say. Just to know that it was made in Taiwan. 

Micro Genius IQ-2000

The year is unknown. Maybe it really was made in 2000? Just have a look at the circuit board! 

Micro Genius IQ-2000

What a large board for a handful of elements! I'm pretty sure that it has nothing to do with original hardware from 80s. The size of cloned consoled tend to squeeze: the later is the clone, the smaller it's circuit board is!

Micro Genius IQ-2000

Alas, the console came to me alone, with no cartridges. But I managed to find some at a marketplace. There are some still sold here for 20 hryvnas each (~$2.5).

cartridges Micro Genius IQ-2000

Of course they are all from Asia. They all use plasic shells that resemble a Famicom cartridge. But the insides are laughable. 

Micro Genius IQ-2000

Just have a look at it! It's less than half size of an original cartridge! It's obvious that they are still produced by software pirates from Far East even in late 2000s.

And what really amuses me is that they dare to use pictures from modern games. Here we can see modern polygonal Pikachu and screenshots from Super Mario: Sunshine (released in 2003) and Klonoa (from its remake from 2009!)

Micro Genius IQ-2000

Did you expect to see ports from these games on a famiclone? No way! It's just regular Super Mario Bros., Urban Champ, a cheesy brawler which has NOTHING to do with Klonoa, and a weird hack of Nuts & Milk using Pikachu sprites :)

Micro Genius IQ-2000

The vertical lines on the screen are the glitch of the famiclone, not produced by cartridge, because I see them in every game I play.

Micro Genius IQ-2000

Here is another weird hack I found recently: a Harry Potter game for NES! Wow!

Harry Potter game

...Sadly, it turned out to be a hack of Magic Carpet with numerous glitches which make it completely unplayable. 

Harry Potter game

You see, I really thought that it was a Harry Potter game for a retro system.
Micro Genius IQ-2000, the most ugly intro screen from a game cartridge

Though the games on it are really nostalgic, especially Galaxian and Battle City.
In conclusion, I'd like to say that I'm happy to own this famiclone. The main reason is because it's rare and it seems that this article is about to be the first review of this peculiar game system.
The downsides are obvious: stiff buttons on gamepads (what did you expect from an Asian clone?) and those vertical lines on TV. But I can live with that, just of there is something good to play on it! Sadly, most of games for famiclones in local marketplaces seem to be the same several dozens, despite the library of games for Nintendo is enormous...
That's it for now, feel free to ask questions!


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Jul. 4th, 2012 07:22 pm (UTC)
baixar Harry Potter hack Magic Carpet nes rom
Sep. 22nd, 2012 07:15 am (UTC)
your post was really nice!!!
and WOW Wirelles controllers in famicom system???
So i can play super mario, super contra, mappy , tennis, tiny toon advetures , zelda eith a wireless controlles WOOOOW
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